Kaizen initiative has significant effect


A wide-scale Kaizen initiative to control and reduce energy use at ASSA ABLOY Occidente in Mexico has reduced CO2 output by 30 percent.


At ASSA ABLOY Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico, environmental awareness and measurement of energy use are very high priorities. During the lock production process, energy consumption verification is performed on a daily basis to identify trends and possible problem areas such as consumption of: electricity, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and CO2 output. Based on measurements during the first quarter of 2013, the team identified risks in the increased use of water, electric power and LPG.


ASSA ABLOY Occidente started a Kaizen initiative to control and reduce energy use.
Firstly, production planning was optimized when using machines with high energy consumption by grouping small production lots which consume a relatively large amount of energy. In addition, the heating and air conditioning systems were programmed to work more efficiently. Installation of independent lighting, which has a single switch for every set of lights, prevented unnecessary use. Improvements were made to the compressed air system in the preventive maintenance area and in offices by turning off electronic devices or putting them on standby when not in use.


A reduction in CO2 generation by 30 percent and reduction in operative resources by 15 percent has led to savings of USD 46,840 annually.