H&S gets high priority in Romania


A comprehensive commitment to health and safety processes has resulted in ASSA ABLOY Romania boasting one of the best H&S records in its region.


At ASSA ABLOY Romania there is an increased risk of injury due to the heavy processes that are employed at the facility – including press work, plating, painting, hot works and secondary machining. The increased likelihood of an accident occurring requires a comprehensive approach to health and safety to minimize the risk of injury.


The company employs a highly visual approach to H&S, which forms a major part of the company strategy; displaying the trending performance results, H&S projects and vision. The H&S display board highlights the emergency team, responsible persons, H&S procedures, safety meetings and audit observations in a clear and concise format. It is compulsory for all employees to go through detailed safety training and to adhere to the safety rules. All employees have specifically colored safety attire depending on their role, with visitors required to wear a yellow overcoat, ear plugs, safety shoes and glasses.


ASSA ABLOY Romania has one of the best H&S records in EMEA, which is in no doubt a result of the comprehensive approach to health and safety employed at the facility. Whether you are visiting the factory for the first or the 100th time, everyone goes through the comprehensive safety rules before entering the factory. From senior management to the factory floor, everybody is totally committed to safety and this is evidently embedded in the company culture. The importance of safety is founded on the motto at the facility – “The most important thing in life, is life itself.”