HID Global’s Green Team Playbook engages employees in sustainability


To empower more employees who are enthusiastic about environmental responsibility to participate in the company’s sustainability efforts, HID Global created a “playbook” for its innovative Green Teams. The HID Green Team Playbook was developed as a practical, hands-on guide to standardize sustainability practices across the organization.


The HID Global Sustainability Program formally started three years ago with small projects and then increasingly took on bigger challenges, such as ISO 14001 certification and LEED Platinum. As this was happening, an increasing number of employees within HID Global were hearing about the company’s commitment to sustainability and had an interest in contributing to “green” efforts, but they didn’t know how to get involved. Enthusiasm among employees to support sustainability efforts was being squandered due to a lack of a structure for employee engagement. 


Recognizing that the company was missing an opportunity to harness the knowledge and initiative of employees outside the core centralized team, HID Global decided to broaden the possibilities to give more employees the opportunity to get involved in creating “green” business value. The Green Teams share a common purpose to build a sustainable future, and the HID Green Team Playbook provides best practices, methodologies, case studies, process worksheets and tips on how virtually any employee can help increase resource efficiency, reduce costs or drive “green” product revenue. 


The Green Teams and their playbook are energizing a broader base of employees to make a difference for both the environment and the business. Employees now come together on these teams across functions and regions to brainstorm ideas, make recommendations and collaborate on ways to add value to the business by being ”green".