Demineralization solution reduces water consumption


By implementing a new water re-circulation system ASSA ABLOY Romania could re-circulate up to 90 percent of the water consumed, add two new plating lines and save EUR 50,000 per year.


ASSA ABLOY Romania had three plating lines consuming up to 72,000 cubic meters of water per year. Two new plating lines were needed for production, which would have further increased water consumption. The price of water has increased by 96% in Romania in the last four years, resulting in significant production cost increases year on year.


After reviewing numerous water re-circulation solutions, the most suitable technology was identified: a demineralization solution using ion exchange resins. Implementing this system meant that ASSA ABLOY Romania could re-circulate up to 90% of the water consumed, making it possible to install two new plating lines. The waste water from the system can potentially be used as onsite greywater for WC flushing, which would increase the re-circulation rate to 95%.


ASSA ABLOY Romania has massively reduced the water consumption of the facility, while also saving EUR 50,000 per annum. The solution has a favorable payback period of 1.5 years; meaning the system makes sense economically and environmentally.