Manual sliding systems

Slice Automove

New system, tested by 100,000 maneuvres,automatic closing for last 110m. Easy to fyx and adjust. Max door weight of 80kg, for doors glass 8-10mm thick, can be installed on the ceiling or wall.

Slice Synchron

New system that opens both doors with one hand movement. Compatible with 8-10mm thick glass, canbe attached to both the wall or the ceiling. The minimum door width should be 800mm with max weight of 60kg.


A refined easy-to-adjust system for reinforced glass with a thickness of 8mm, max weight of 40kg and can be fixed onthe ceiling or wall. The maximum lenght of the fastening rail is 2200mm. Available in 3 finishes. 

Slice 60

Ultra-compact, silent shock absorber systemis compatible with 8-10mm thick reinforced glass and can be installed on both the wall or the ceiling, supporting a max door weight of 60kg.