SMARTair® Electronic Lock

Combine the power of an access control escutcheon with the intelligence of an electromechanical lock. Compatible with a wide range of handles, RFID technologies and SMARTair management systems

SMARTair door lock is designed for doors with intense daily traffic and large number of opening/close cycles. It is the perfect choice of familiarity and convenience associated with a electromechanical lock and monitoring of door position.

Part of SMARTair Wireless product range, it  includes:

  • external LED reader, available in different colours
  • internal RF control module powered by battery
  • electromechanical door lock powered by batteries

These 3 components are delivered together. You can choose any compatible DIN handle to operate your new door lock with.

The lock includes monitoring sensors that report on forgotten open doors, incorrect closed doors sau forced entries attempts. An option would be to install a mechanical cylinder to open the door fast in case of an emergency. In this case, SMARTair sensors will also record the mechanical opening and closing of the door. 

This new lock works seamless with all SMARTair management systems available. It recognizes all RFID standard technologies and mobile access control solutions as Openow and TESA SMARTair remote. 

With a robust deisgn and resistent to attacks, the SMARTair electronic door lock is designed for  universities, schools, hospitals, health care centers, offices and coworking spaces, residential buildings and public institutions, sports facilities and libraries. 

SMARTair electronic lock summary:

  • The most advanced technology
  • Open using smartphone
  • Minimalist thoughful design
  • Secure encrypted communication
  • Total online wireless control
  • Event recording
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Change access rights without upgrading lock
  • Record new users without upgrading lock
  • Express cancel cards

Beyond security and design, SMARTair devices also deliver convenience for every user. Each device opens via a standard RFID credential, PIN code or a combination of both.

All SMARTair devices unlock with the Openow smartphone app. They work with any system management option: Standalone, Offline, Update on Card or Wireless Online.

Technical specifications

Door profiles

Suitable for wooden doors

Traffic volume

Medium to high

Exterior usage

IP56 (Extreme version);  Up to 85% humidity. -20°C to + 70°C

Hardware compatibility and installation

High retrofit (compatible with most common mortise locks)

No cabling

Power supply

Baterry (up to 80.000-105.000 cycles, depending on the management system                                  

Max 3 years stand-by (depending on daily number of opening cycles) 

Type of battery: 3 alkaline LR03 AAA 1,5V



Status information

Handle usage (only Wireless Online system)

Thumb turn use: only in privacy model

Door position: door sensor not included NO (normally open) connection

Override cylinder (in combination with special mortise lock)



ROHS, REACH, WEEEN14846, EN 12209

RFID technologies

13.56MHz Read & Write MIFARE Classic

Compatible mobile solutions

Openow (Offline and Wireless Online management systems)

TESA SMARTair (remote opening, only with wireless system)

System management upgradability 

Compatible with following SMARTair systems:

  • Offline / Update On Card 
  • Offline / Update On Card +Openow

-> Includes Openow module;

  • Wireless+Openow 

-> includes WIR + Openow module. 

SMARTair locks can be upgraded to:

Offline-> Wireless+Openow

-> only by adding Openow / WIR + Openow module and firmware change.

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