SMARTair™ is the perfect solution for your building!

Thanks to smart technology system and lack of wires it can be easily installed in any building. SMARTair ™ will satisfy all your needs security while creating a pleasant environment.


Hospital October 12, Madrid (Spain)

Ahus, Oslo (Norway)


For medical centers, psychiatric clinics and nursing homes, SMARTair ™ ensure restricted areas where drugs, people and sensitive data are stored while protecting vulnerable patients and employees. These locations require secure access 24/7. Furthermore, the system may have antimicrobial coating.


University of Comillas, Madrid (Spain)

BATH Uni (Sweden)


SMART ™ provide air schools, colleges, universities, kindergartens, academies, and student dormitories against vandalism and theft.


FitFactory Belgian (Belgium)

RCD Football Stadium (Spain)

Sports Arenas

SMARTair ™ is the perfect solution for access control for stadiums, gyms, spas, swimming pools that often have numerous service areas and points of entry. SMARTair ™ also offers locks for lockers.


Risskov Denmark (Denmark)

Public buildings

Air SMART ™ provides secure access to government offices, museums, town halls, public halls, cultural centers, theaters, stations and railway traffic.


Research Centre in Madrid (Spain)


SMARTair ™ offers a sophisticated but flexible security solution to protect interiors of offices, factories, shops, shopping centers and pharmacies. Important company data and products will be protected from unauthorized access.

Dorm Rialto Court, Durham (UK)

The residential sector

Blocks administration offices, student dormitories, social houses, guest houses and holiday homes SMARTair ™ solve the problem of replacing locks or keys copying or traditional.